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We offer a wide range of plants, either grown at our own production nursery or sources from marketplace. Over the years farm established a professional and reliable network of growers throughout Pakistan and abroad. This enable us to supply an extensive range of both native and exotic plants from a wide diversity of climate conditions. Our expertise is in the area of providing high quality plants to production and retail farms and supplying plants and technical expertise for residential, commercial landscaping and revelation products. We coordinate shipments either direct from their source or from our farm where the plants can be collected, treated to meet the quarantine requirements and packaged.

Our local, national and international 40 years of outstanding, services delivering at best value price has projects in area of varying climate and terrain. When possible, we make extensive use of available native material and seek to integrate landscape with natural surrounding environment. We are able to serve specific needs of the client. From comprehensive range of landscape design services, including conceptual master planning, site design, exterior landscape and water featuring detailing, planting and nursery design, landscape construction, maintenance and remedial programming through specialized subsidiaries.

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